Meet Ell…

Hi, I’m Ell, the Founder of the Self Improvement Space & a Self Made Serial Entrepreneur.

I created this site as I’m incredibly passionate about Self Improvement and wanted to build a “Space” dedicated entirely to that.

See, the journey of Self Improvement is not about reaching an end destination… In fact – it’s a never-ending, continuous process, where you’re not striving for perfection, but to instead, keep learning and growing every single day, even in the smallest of ways, to ultimately become the best – and happiest – version of yourself.

I want to motivate, support and inspire you… And keep you FOCUSED on self improvement, because that’s when amazing things start to happen. How do I know? Well, because it’s something I’m focusing on right now too…

About The Self Improvement Space

Where I’m At & What I’m Working On

Here’s some of my achievements to date, plus the areas I still want to work on (to mention just a few, initially):

Achievements To Date:

  • From Shy & Broken to Strong & Empowered: I went from being a shy, broken teen, to a strong, empowered young women, turning past trauma into an opportunity to make a positive difference, with impactful talks at high schools & events.
  • Meaningful Work: I now make my money in a way that helps others, without it costing them a thing. See, I have a FREE Breakup, Dating & Relationship blog, supporting over 3.36 MILLION people, every year. I get them through difficult life stages & challenges, which ties into my life purpose of “motivating, supporting & inspiring” & is something I would have only dreamed could have been possible a few years ago.
  • Volunteering, Fundraising & Giving: From a Lion Conversation Project in Zimbabwe, to a Leadership Change Programme in South Africa; volunteering at a homeless shelter in my community, to raising thousands for charity campaigns & causes. Giving back is a big part of who I am & always will be.
  • 50 Different Countries Visited: Traveling the world (inc. traveling solo!), is one of the biggest things that has helped me learn, develop and grow & I’m proud of the way I’ve pushed myself to do, see & experience more. (It’s a big thing that’s made me who I am today!)
  • Strong Passive Income Stream: I’ve been in business since the age of 19 and have become a bit of a BOSS! In the last year, I’ve managed to develop an entirely passive income stream, earning me more than I’ve ever earned before, and being built from NOTHING after my last business was destroyed through COVID. (Which is why I can proudly say, my success is 100% self-made!)
  • Mortgage Free at 26: I’m also great at saving and money management. (Not to toot my own horn or anything!) I’ve become mortgage free by the age of 26 and currently have a net worth of nearly a quarter of a million, set to double in 5 years.

Areas To Work On:

  • Continuous Development of Confidence: I back myself, 100%. I know my worth. And I’m confident when I need to be. But there’s been times this past year, where I’ve become a shell of myself, or have let irrational insecurities take over and affect my life. For this reason, continuous work on improving my levels of confidence, is a big self improvement focus.
  • Peak Health & Fitness: In 2023, I am determined to reach my “body goals” and become the healthiest I can be, and the happiest I’ve ever been in my body… But, without going too extreme with it, so that I make real, lasting, healthy lifestyle changes that are actually sustainable.
  • Time Management: I want to learn how to work smarter and more efficiently, developing firmer time-effective routines. I get distracted pretty easily and often jump from one thing to another, so there’s certainly a huge area for growth here!
  • Better Organisation: On a similar note – I can’t even begin to explain the amount of time I waste LOOKING for things. I would genuinely lose my feet if it were possible! So I want to save time, by becoming more organised… and then sticking to it!
  • Beating Procrastination: Procrastination is another big one and something I want to better overcome. I want to stop putting off the little tasks that aren’t actually that “big of a deal” but which eat away at you, by not getting them done!
  • Emotional Management: I’m a very mentally strong person. I’ve been through a lot (like many of us) and bounced back every time. But day to day, or when certain situations happen, I want to be able to stay calm, think clearly & act more rationally.
  • Increased Knowledge: I also want my knowledge and understanding of things. I want to look at the different areas of my life, my work, my body and my mind, and LEARN more, so that I can then APPLY it and become a better person / build a better life. (After all, knowledge is not power, without action!)

Psst… Let’s Hold Each Other Accountable!

Join the Self Improvement CIRCLE – a community group for the Self Improvement Space. Here, we’ll share goals, discuss hurdles, start challenges at the same time, hold each other accountable and support & encourage one another’s growth.

Limited spaces available within each circle, to make it a FREE self improvement mastermind group, so get your request in today!

Please note: This group is launching on 31st January for a complete group upon launch. You’ll receive an email once your request has been processed, but will not be accepted in until 31/01.