What I’ve Learnt From Daily Learning (365 Day Challenge)

Did you know, daily learning doesn’t have to be time consuming? In fact, anyone can find the time to learn something new, daily. It can take just two minutes of your time. In this post, I’ll share the Daily Learning Challenge I’ve started, what I’ve learnt (to date) and how – plus why – you should 100% do similar thing too! So let’s start from the top, shall we?

My Daily Learning Challenge

So first off, you may be wondering – how did this Daily Learning Challenge even come about?!

Well, having written this post, featuring —> the 13 (very best!) ways to learn something new every day, I decided to put it into practice with my very-own Daily Learning Challenge and decided to commit to this for an entire year

That’s right, for 365, I’m now going to focus on learning something new EVERY SINGLE DAY!

I’ll then be sharing this with you in this post here – not so much so you can see WHAT I’ve learnt specifically, but how I’ve GROWN from this simple-but-effective learning challenge!

Now – as I’ve written previously – you’re actually likely to be already learning something new every day already. You’re just probably not fully digesting it, and then remembering it, because hey – there’s a million different things going on, right?!

But that’s why I’m tracking it, and writing it down, and why you can and should do the same with this Learning Tracker too. (Uh huh, it’s a simple but powerful tool to keep you on track with that all-important daily learning!)

How Learning New Things Daily, Makes You Grow

Why Start a Learning Challenge?

Well because there’s no end of benefits to daily learning.

Learning keeps your mind engaged, your body active and your brain healthy! It’s also beneficial for your mental wellbeing and activates the release of the ‘feel-good’ chemical dopamine in the brain, making you even-that-little-bit, happier!

But aside from the standard benefits of learning…

When you’re strategical about what you learn, and focus specifically on learning for your growth and development, learning something new every day becomes an incredibly POWERFUL habit!

And that’s exactly why I’m doing it – to see how much I can develop and grow.

How To Track Your Daily Learning

So, how do you track your daily learning? Well, it depends how you want to go about your Daily Learning Challenge. You could create one where you:

  • Write down any random things you learn, as you go along, picking one each day.
  • Write down ANY things you’ve learnt and remembered, so you’ll have multiple notes in your daily learning journal as you take them in. Alternatively, you may want to…
  • Reflect at the end of every day and select the one thing that stuck with you the most.
  • Making it themed is also an option. So you could look at a specific area you really want to increase your learning on, and learn one new thing about that every day, writing that in the log to keep you on track.
  • Or, you could have different themes, for different months.
  • OR: simply get started, see how you get on… and then decide!

It really is quite flexible and there’s no rules, as such. The only things you should ask yourself, before you write down your daily learning reflection(s) / fact(s), are:

  • Is this new information? Something I didn’t know before?
  • Is this something I DID know, but needed reminded of?
  • Or, is this something I kind of knew, or thought I knew, but now know for sure / now see things differently or with more intensity?

As that then explores the TYPE of learning and development you’ve made here and you can make sure you’re varying that form, and building on it all – more and more.

My Daily Learning Log

So, now we’ve got the “briefing” out the way, here’s my very own daily learning log & the things I’ve taken away!

Start Date: Monday 2nd December 2023
Last Updated: 03/01/2023

Month 1:

Day 1: (Reflection): So I actually tried starting this daily learning challenge in December, but I was trying to take on TOO much, with TOO much info (and research) required each day. It wasn’t sustainable in terms of the amount of time I have to do this each day. This reflects my “all or nothing” personality, but was a good realisation and reminder that I need to break things down and make things easier for myself. Little and often is the key to this daily learning challenge – it’s more about small nuggets of info acquired each day… And so I haven’t given up, but instead, learnt from this, and used it to re-start the challenge, with more success.

Day 2: (Fact): “When we experience a win, our brains release endorphins, dopamine and serotonin, which encourage us to engage in a task again. When we experience a failure – on the other hand- our brains release cortisol and do not leave us with feelings of acceptance and safety.”

HOWEVER (Analysis): When you change the way you see a situation / experience, and associate “failure” with the “win” of learning something valuable – you can still get those feel-good chemicals rushing around your body. That’s why MINDSET IS EVERYTHING! (And positive mindset affirmations are a powerful thing!)

Day 3: What else releases endorphins? (Those feel-good happy hormones?) Well, sources vary, but research from 2011 suggests endorphin release occurs after 30 minutes of exercise, but the more you do, the more likely it is for the endorphins to come through. Moderate-intensity exercise is likely to be best (exercise that gets your heart rate and breathing speed up!), and group exercises can give an even better endorphin boost!

Day 4: Exercise isn’t the only way to release endorphins. Even relaxing in a nice, hot bath can do this! “The heat of the water can help relieve tension and pain in your muscles, whilst also triggering the release of endorphins into your blood.” Furthermore, regular hot baths may also help decrease risk for heart disease and help lower your blood pressure. (I didn’t realise baths were such powerful things, and will now certainly include these in my weekly self care routine!)


So the cool thing about this Daily Learning Challenge is, right from the start – by simply deciding that I’m going to focus on daily learning, it gave me a fresh motivation and a more inquisitive mind.

It’s exciting deciding which nugget of information you’re going to take away each day!

Also, the great thing about small daily learning – is you’re not looking to have the answers to everything in one go. You’re just looking to take one thing away of value, which makes – getting to your ultimate goal – feel far more manageable and “do-able!” Note to self: I am genuinely so glad I’ve started this!

To Be Continued…

That’s as far as I’ve got with my Daily Learning Challenge so far, but be sure to check back or subscribe to follow along with it – particularly if this has inspired you to take on your own Daily Learning Challenge too. (Let’s compare and discuss within our community!)

Looking forward to connecting further.


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