13 Simple Ways To Learn Something New Every Day

Looking for how to learn something new every day? Want to focus on increasing your knowledge, but unsure how to map it out and fit it all in? Then allow us to make it a little easier for you! Here’s 13 simple ways to learn something new every day, in 2023. That’s right – let’s make 2023 your year for SERIOUS growth. And the best way to do that? Expanding your knowledge so that you can then put it into action!

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What Sort Of Things Should I Learn?

So when it comes to learning something new every day, you can literally learn ANYTHING.

From something funny and random, like why otters sleep on their backs (cute!) to something more focused – learning about a specific topic that you’re interested in, or area that you’re looking to develop in.

See, when it comes to learning something new every day – there’s no rules. It can be something big, something small, something weird, something random, right the way to something life-changing!

Learning something new every day also doesn’t just be about facts or knowledge, but lessons that you personally have learnt first hand – simply by being more reflective that day.

In fact, learning based on experiences and reflections can be one of the best ways to learn, of them all!

How to find time to learn

The Benefits Of Learning Every Day

So why should you look to learn something new every day? What are the benefits of learning something new every day? Well:

  • Learning keeps your mind engaged, your body active and your brain healthy! We, as humans, are wired to learn so it’s literally good for you and necessary too!
  • What’s more, research has proven that lifelong learning (and therefore learning something new every day!),  can greatly improve your mental wellbeing. Every time you learn something new, it activates the release of the ‘feel-good’ chemical dopamine in the brain, making you even-that-little-bit, happier!
  • Learning also helps you cope with the stress and strain of everyday life while increasing your energy levels and immunity. 
  • It also improves the quality of your life and deepens the relationships you have, helping you connect better – with anyone, from any walk of life. After all, the more you know or the more you expand your mind to be OPEN to knowing more, the better conversations you’re able to have, across a range of subjects.
  • Further more – daily learning can boost your self-esteem and give you a sense of purpose!

This is to mention just a few reasons why you should focus on learning. What’s more, aside from the standard health benefits of learning –

When you’re strategical about what you learn, and focus specifically on learning for your growth and development, learning something new every day becomes an incredibly POWERFUL habit!

13 Ways To Learn Something New Every Day

So, what are some of the different ways you can learn something new every day? How can you find time? Mix it up? Or use different forms of learning to get new nuggets of wisdom inside of you? Well…

1) Grab a Learning Log

If you’re going to take away just ONE thing from this article – make it be the use of a learning log. We’ve created one here for you, specifically for the “Learn Something New Every Day Challenge”:

Why is this so important? Because it CAPTURES the lessons you learn.

See, even without doing a single thing differently in your day, you’re actually likely to be already learning something new every day.

You’re just probably not fully digesting it, and then remembering it, because hey – there’s a million different things going on every day, right?!

So the EASIEST way to learn something new every day, is to simply focus on it, pick up on it and embed it in your mind by writing it down. (It’s as simple as that!)

Benefits of daily learning

How To Learn Something New Every Day

Now we’ve got our first essential out the way – here’s 12 additional tips and ideas for how to learn something new every day – mixing up the way in which you learn, and how to find the time for your learning.

2) Read 10 Minutes a Day

The key to mastering continuous learning is to not bite off more than you can chew. Don’t grab a pile of books that you have to get through and set yourself unrealistic targets. Instead, focus on little and often.

I mean – even just reading 10 minute day would equate to 5 hours by the end of the month…

That’s half your way through a book, by most standards; getting you through 6 books a year if you kept with it consistently… Is that more than you read last year? Or could that be on top of what you already usually read?

And remember – 10 minutes is MORE than enough to learn (at least!) one new thing. So by simply squeezing in 10 minutes of daily reading, you meet your goal of learning something new every day!

Can you get up 10 minutes early? Or watch 10 minutes less tv? Could you read during your lunch break, or whilst commuting on a train? When you think about it – there are actually plenty of ways to fit it in!

3) Work On a Course For 10 Minutes a Day

Another similar way to learn something new every day, is to sign up for a course – specific to something you want to increase your knowledge in. This doesn’t have to be a big one, with a qualification at the end.

Sites like Udemy offer plenty of short, online courses, on pretty much anything and everything!

The benefits of courses over books – particularly when sourced in the right place – is it can be more focused learning with “less fluff!”, so that’s another avenue to explore.

Talking of courses, here’s another interesting idea to help you get SUPER focused with your daily learning…

4) Become an Expert On Something, Yourself

So let’s say you’re looking to learn something every day and are focusing on a particular area or topic.

Well to keep your focus on this – why not turn it into a little challenge, with the end goal of you becoming SO MUCH of an expert, you could even write a course on it, yourself!?

You can literally gather your information daily, writing it all up, as if you were pulling the course together, there and then!

The benefit of this, is you’ll be able to better identify where the “gaps” in your knowledge lie, and end up with a truly comprehensive understanding of that one set thing.

Learn, grow, know what else you need to know, pull together a list, and tick one new, small thing off, every single day, until finally you become the “go to guy / girl” in that space… That’s your area of expertise!

How to grow as a person

5) Google a Specific Question – Daily

Looking for something lighter? Want to increase your general knowledge, or find faster ways to learn something new every day? Then how about using our helpful friend, Google?!

Simply write a list of questions or see what pops into your head that day. Set an alarm to remind yourself to Google something if you need to.

Then do the search, learn something new, and track it in your dairy so that you can come back to your new-found knowledge and better remember it!

There’s so much knowledge, support and guidance, right there at your fingertips… So tap into it!

6) Use Audible To Listen As You Go

Another GENIUS way to learn something new every day, is to listen to audiobooks. These, you can put on whilst traveling, whilst cooking, whilst cleaning, whilst working out… Anywhere, everywhere, essentially!

I use Audible for my audiobooks, as the quality and number of range of audiobooks is pretty unbeatable! But here – you can try it for yourself with a FREE Audible Trial. (It’s worth doing at least once anyway!)

But learning on the move, or whilst doing something else, is an incredibly time-effective way to keep learning something new every day! (In fact, it’s pretty much a no-brainer!) On a similar note…

7) Listen To Podcasts On The Go

Another alternative to audiobooks, is podcasts. They actually have a huge listing of podcasts on Audible… and ready-made collections so you don’t have to wait for the next episodes!

Podcasts are great for learning and growing too, especially if – again – you pick the right ones, on topics that expand your mind and knowledge.

They’re just usually a little more conversational and so can be easier to listen to in many ways.

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8) Watch a TED Talk

Never heard of TED Talks?! Then you’re in for a treat!

TED Talks are influential videos from expert speakers on education, business, science, tech and creativity. It’s all about “ideas worth spreading” and so LEARNING is pretty much at their core.

Now, not only are there thousands of TED Talks to choose from, but you can also filter your TED Talks by topic, and even search by duration – with the shortest TED Talk 0-6 minutes…

Something that we can all find time for every day! So if you haven’t given TED Talks a go just yet – watch away, to get that daily learning in, on at least one of your days!

9) Watch a Youtube Video

We all have different learning styles, so if you better digest information from watching (over reading, listening or doing), then Youtube is another great, free platform with thousands of quality videos, you cat actually learn a lot from!

It’s all about HOW you use these platforms that is the big thing. I mean, if you’re watching cat videos all day (which, I don’t blame you – I have a Youtube Channel for my Maine Coon kitten and he gets hundreds of watch-hours, daily!), then hey – maybe you won’t see as much value.

However, if you choose to search for things you want to learn about, or follow people who are specialists at what they do – you’ll get a lot more from it.

This applies to any social media platform actually – as although there’s a lot of distractions and useless content on there, when you really LOOK to learn and follow the right people, who share quality, inspiring content, there are actually far more things that you can take away from it!

(Which is why focusing on learning something new every day is so valuable… As it enables you to better digest more of what’s going on around you!)

10) Watch a Documentary

Too many distractions for you to easily learn something new every day, on social media? Then no worries. I don’t blame you. But hey – here’s another idea for you…

When you next log into Netflix or Prime TV, instead of getting sucked into binge watching series, why not check out their documentaries?!

Documentaries are another watchable way for you to learn, and – when they’re about something that interests you – learning doesn’t even feel like A CHORE, as you simply get sucked into the show!

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11) Sign Up To Newsletters

We all get lots of mail, right?! Sometimes too much of it!

But if you sign up to the RIGHT mailing lists – ones which include articles that naturally make you learn and grow… then they newsletters can actually become your new best friend! All you need to do is:

  • Sign up to 10-15 quality newsletters. (One – of course – being ours!)
  • From this – you should receive a good batch of quality emails a week.
  • Your emails from these, are your reminders. Every time you recognise the name, you’ll think, “ooh yes, I need to learn something new again today!”
  • Use ‘folders’ if you need, to organise articles and store the ones you want to come back to.
  • And pick and choose, to click the links for further reading, from the emails that stand out to you!

By doing this, it makes learning something new every day, far easier, as you don’t have to even think about things you may want or need to learn about. Something new will always come to you, supplied by others!

12) Bookmark Blogs

On a similar note – use bookmarks and tabs, to store your favourite websites.

When you then log onto your laptop (and this is perfect if you use your laptop every day), you simply REFRESH the pages and the latest articles will show on the top of your page!

We actually post daily, so you can even just keep the Self Improvement Space website open on a tab and we’ll supply you with your next nugget of learning and development 😉

13) Learn a New Word a Day

Remember, learning something new every day doesn’t have to always be big and groundbreaking!

You can even just grab yourself a dictionary, and learn a new word every day, to expand your vocabulary.

Or, if you want a little more of a challenge – grab a Foreign Language words / phrases book and learn something from there every day!

It’s all simply about finding ways to expand your mind every day… So think outside the box!

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That’s All For This One

So there we have it! 13 ways to learn something new every day (perfect for helping you develop healthy new habits in 2023!)

I hope this has filled you with ideas and inspiration for different ways to keep on learning… And not only now be able to find the time for it, but also make it diverse enough that it’s still fun and exciting, too!

How do you learn and grow? Share it in the comments box below!

A final thought to leave you with?

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever…”

– Mahatma Gandhi

Sending all my best wishes and encouragement.


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