30 Day No Complaining Challenge

Looking for different self improvement challenges to become a better, happier and more positive person? Then the 30 Day No Complaining Challenge is most definitely for you! Cut out the unnecessary negativity and instead, look at how you can shift your perspective on situations… to also then lead to better outcomes too! Here’s what the No Complaining Challenge is and how to best stick to it!

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What Is The No Complaining Challenge?

The No Complaining Challenge is one of the lesser-known 30 day challenges, but it’s still, arguably, one of the most impactful. See, the No Complaining Challenge is – as you can imagine – what it “says on the tin.”

If you take on the No Complaining Challenge, you’re committing to NO COMPLAINING for a set number of days. The timeframe for most challenges like this are usually 30 days, as that’s long enough to start to form a new habit or routine, and you can then build on it further from there.

It can actually take anywhere from 18 days to 254 days for people to form a new habit, with the average being 66 days, so with 30 – you’re usually half way there, and better able to actively continue the habits yourself until they more naturally fit.

But remember – you don’t have to start with the full 30 day challenge straight away. And you’re allowed to “slip up” every now and then, without being a “failure.”

Self improvement is a process, and so if it’s a gradual process of complaining less and less – that’s okay!

30 days no complaining

Where This Challenge Came From

Now, different people start different challenges for different reasons, and you might come across the challenge from all kinds of places. 

I personally first heard of the No Complaining Challenge from the book: “Secret of the Millionaire Mind” by T Harv Ever. In fact, it was one of the biggest things I remembered and took away from it.

See, not only should you stop complaining for the sake of your happiness and mental health, but also because it leads to more success, better productivity and – ultimately – a better life!

Complaining is draining, and adds no real value, which is why it’s definitely a bad habit you want to break!

How To Actually Do It

So the hardest part of taking on the No Complaining Challenge is actually recognising when you’re complaining, in the moment, so that you can stop it.

After all – if you’re in the habit of complaining – you probably moan more than you even realise… About the big things, about the little things, and sometimes maybe even just for the sake of it!

Uh huh, it’s why we answered this burning questions:

After all, researchers say the average person complains 30 times a day! But that’s why the No Complaining Challenge is so powerful… As it brings awareness to your complaining, and allows you to start to change it.

No Complaining Challenge

Now, in most cases, you won’t pick up on EVERY time you complain, straight away, before you do it. But that’s why the No Complaining Challenge isn’t one that you just do once and… wallah, mission complete!

You set a time frame, you monitor how much you complain, you increase your awareness, you challenge your thoughts and speech, you actively reduce your complaining, and then you try it again…

Because that’s the thing – the No Complaining Challenge is one that you are likely to try again and again. And each time, it not only becomes easier, but you also get better at complaining less and less!

The No Complaining Challenge (Versions)

Now the great thing is – you can try different versions of the No Complaining Challenge, and make it your own. For instance:

  1. The first time you may take on the No Complaining Challenge for just a week – start it as a 7 day challenge, then evaluate, review and get going with it again.
  2. Then next time you take on the No Complaining Challenge, you might like to go for the full 30 days, but focus on trying not to complain about certain things or to certain people. (Especially if you identified that that’s the biggest thing you complain about from your 7 day challenge!)
  3. After that, you may be able to make it about not complaining about anyone or anything.
  4. Until eventually you can build it up to stop it in your mind… before you even open your mouth!

You see? It will take time to train your mind to think more positively so that you stop complaining altogether, which is why it’s all about repetition, repetition, repetition… and commitment to it!

NOTE: You may also like to do this alongside these 30 Days of Affirmations for a Positive Mindset, as this intertwines very closer and, in turn, helps to make your No Complaining Challenge easier.

stop complaining challenge

Getting Started With The No Complaining Challenge

So, how to get going with the No Complaining Challenge? Well, it’s simple – decide on your timeframe, grab a habit tracker (to monitor your progress) and then go for it… 

Start your No Complaining Challenge RIGHT NOW, but officially from tomorrow (when you have a “clean sheet” or so to speak. 

Don’t procrastinate – jump straight into it… No excuses! 

After all, you don’t really need anything in order to do this challenge, you just need to decide you want to change and want to start complaining less (if at all!)

How To Approach The No Complaining Challenge

A few extra things that will then help to make the No Complaining Challenge that little bit easier…

  1. Set an alarm every morning to remind yourself you’re doing the challenge.
  2. Set multiple alarms throughout the day if you need, to keep you focus.
  3. Every time your alarm goes off – reflect. Ask yourself: “Have I complained in the last 30 minutes? / hour? / two hours? etc.
  4. Track it. If / when you do find yourself complaining – write down what the complain was about, when it was and how you felt in yourself at that time. This enables you to spot patterns and challenge your thinking process / behaviour.
  5. Reward yourself! Make a note of every day you go by with 0 complaints… and every week you successfully keep on track – reward yourself; with another final, big reward at the end of the challenge then. You want to associate PLEASURE to not complaining and PAIN towards complaining. So, alongside this…
  6. Remember your “reasons why.” Write a “Remember List” for why you have to stop complaining, and the negative effects of complaining so much, which will then provide further incentives to help you succeed at this challenge…
why you should stop complaining

Why You Need To Stop Complaining

To help you create your “Remember List” for the No Complaining Challenge, here’s just a few of the reasons which may drive you to want / need to stop complaining.

See, science confirms that complaining is bad for your health. Although it may seem harmless to vent your frustrations, but if vocalising your negative sentiments becomes a habit, it can have some pretty harmful consequences…

  • Complaining increases your levels of cortisol (the stress hormone.) Chronically high levels of cortisol can lead to a variety of health problems, including increased risk of depression, digestive problems, sleep issues, higher blood pressure and even increased risk of heart disease.
  • It also makes you more likely to think negatively. Why does this matter? Well,  one study published in the Archives of General Psychiatry found that optimists live longer than pessimists, with a 55 percent lower risk of death from all causes and a 23 percent lower risk of dying from heart failure.
  • It can damage your memory and actually shrinks your brain size! (So when they say that complaining is dumb, I guess you can see – it really is!)

What’s more:

  • Complaining makes you toxic to be around, and also makes others around you complain more.
  • It can damage your friendships, and relationships – both your work / family relationships, and romantic relationships. (Uh huh, complaining for no reason in a relationship is certainly a bad relationship habit you need to break, before it breaks the two of you!)
  • Complaining just pushes people away, and changes your outlook on life to be full of negativity, hate and frustration.

Convinced as to why you NEED to start the No Complaining Challenge? I know I am!

how to stop complaining in 30 days

Remember – It’s Not About Bottling Things Up, But Changing The Way You Think

Now let’s not forget in all of this – there’s always going to be times when there are things that you can complain about and things you’ll want to get off your chest. That’s not to say that you can’t ever speak up or say a single negative thing.

But when there are things to “complain” about – instead of ranting them out with no purpose or benefit, try:

  1. Writing them out. Processing your thoughts / feelings / emotions about a situation, by getting them out on paper.
  2. Accepting the situation. Bad things happen. Things happen that aren’t fair. That’s just the way it goes. But complaining about it won’t change it. It will just make you feel your negative emotions surrounding it, MORE. So feel your emotions in order to release them. Then let them go.
  3. When you do need to “complain” – reduce the intensity of it. For example: let’s say you’re stuck in traffic which makes you late. Instead of going off on one about how, “this is rubbish”, “why does this always happen?”, etc, shift it to: “okay, this is LESS than ideal, but at least…” and try to find the positive.

There are always small, positive changes you can make, and better way to go about things. So where COMPLETE changes can’t be made, look at where more positive adjustments can be.

benefits of not moaning

That’s All For This One

So there we have it – what the No Complaining Challenge is, how to approach it and how to actually make sure that you stick to it.

Good luck! I hope this helps.And remember – the fact that you’re here, reading this, and looking to work on it, already separates you from many people. Now, the next step – is to not just read, but APPLY it.

Take this next step, get committed to self improvement and get ready to live a happier & healthier life.

I’m rooting for you – every step of the way!


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